Natural Sea Sponge

For facial and cosmetic use.
Content: 3 x 3 inches sponge , 12 x 2 inches sponge.
Product of the Philippines.

All natural, non-toxic, hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial, mold resistant, eco-friendly.

Natural sea sponge is highly absorbent and creates a luxurious lather. Its soft texture is suitable for most sensitive skin and it's much more durable and hygienic than synthetic sponge.

Natural sea sponge is a renewable natural resource. While harvesting, divers are careful to ensure the base of the sponge is intact. The sponge will then regrow often bigger and healthier than the original state.

1. Wet sponge, put soap or cleansing agent and make light circular movement on face. Rinse with water. Deep cleanse and exfoliate dead skin and black head. Rejuvenate and soften dry skin.
2. Use with water or facial cream for massage to stimulate skin cells and blood circulation. Tighten pores, prevent eye bags and wrinkles.
3. Excellent for removing make up together with cleansing oil. Works best for make up applications.
4. Best for babies' delicate skin.
5. Best paired with our Cocopride organic virgin coconut body oil as an all natural make up remover or moisturizer, or work up a good lather with our Cocopride coconut milk body bar.


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